3 Pictures You Were Never Ever Meant To See

Ian Anglin May 10th 2018 Entertainment
The internet is brimming with photos of stuff you are not supposed to ever see - that is the nature of how the world wide web works, after all. Once something is published online, it is extremely difficult (if not impossible) to remove traces of that content from the vast archives of the network. That is why this article is going to list three different photos that people were not supposed to see, but with the magic of the internet, you can easily check them out.
The Teletubbies Without Their Costumes
Everyone knows the Teletubbies - while they are not as popular as in previous years, they have left a permanent mark on our society. While many people haven't seen the actors behind the costumes (which, although is not difficult to find out, is not often googled by fans of the show), which photo is going to settle those rumors once and for all - you can finally see all six Teletubbies in all of their glory.
Originally, the Teletubbies are a British pre-school children's television series created by Ragdoll Productions' Anne Wood and Andrew Davenport. Once they became popular in Britain, they spread all over the world, including the US market, where it gained millions of fans. The show had a total of 425 episodes, with each episode having a runtime of about 25 minutes.
The Clif Bar Finally Found Its Cliff
Clif Bar & Company is the producer of one of the most iconic American energy bars and snacks - the Clif Bar. While many people have wondered where the Clif Bar got its original naming and design inspiration, the above photo seems to settle those rumors once and for all - it appears that both the name and the packaging of the Clif Bar was done at some remote cliff area in the Grand Canyon. This lucky guy was able to snap this photo, and get all of the viral fame that comes with it.
Originally, the company that produces the Clif Bar was founded in 1992, in Emeryville, California, United States. Its founder, Gary Erickson, is a baker and former mountain guide, who decided to combine his two main passions into a single product. He was extremely lucky with this endeavor, which is why today he works full time for his very own and successful company.
The Science Behind the Magic Eight Ball
The magic eight ball is not a product that is popular as it used to be (given that it was invented back in the 1950s), still, the magic eight ball is a cult product, which undoubtedly influenced a lot of people over the decades (especially before the time of video games and the internet). The product was invented and developed by Mattel, an American multinational manufacturing company, founded over 73 years ago.
The above photo is pretty interesting, given that it shows us how this supposedly "magical" product works - of course, as with everything else in life, once a person gives something a second look, you can easily understand how and why something functions. The magic eight ball, just like other products, has a simple display and integrated electrical circuit. Just imagine how many people used the magic eight ball to learn more about their future, while in reality, they were just reading what some app was telling them.

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