Video: Apparently, Monster Energy Drink Cleans Better Than Brake Cleaner

Ian Anglin May 13th 2018 Weird
A new video has emerged on YouTube and other websites, which show a mechanic having a problem cleaning his workbench from gunk and other sticky stuff. At first, the mechanic uses industrial strength brake fluid, but to avail - all of the gunk was left on his desk. However, in the second part of the video, the mechanic uses a can of Monster Energy to clean his desk - viewers were shocked to learn that the can of energy drink was better in cleaning the desk. We have no information whether the drink in the can was actual Monster Energy or something else - as the can was opened before the video began recording.
New Video Shows Monster Energy Can Be Useful as a Cleaning Product
A new viral video of unknown authenticity shows social media viewers that a can of Monster Energy can act as a cleaning product - in some cases, it works even stronger than industrial strength brake fluid. The video, which has been called as "worrying" by many of the viewers, shows a mechanic working on his workbench, and testing out his Monster drink in terms of how strong it is in cleaning his filthy workbench.
The Mechanic's workbench was full of sticky stains and other stuff you would expect to find on an old and dirty workbench. The worrying thing that happened in this video is that the Monster Energy drink could clean that workbench like there is no tomorrow. While that may not be a bad thing, it does seem confusing to some users at first sight. Perhaps the sugar content's or another type of compound is the one that is causing the drink to be so useful at cleaning things?
The Industrial Strength Brake Fluid Didn't Work as Well
Before the mechanic poured some of the Monster Energy drink on his workbench, he first poured industrial-strength brake fluid. Brake fluid is a high viscosity liquid, and many mechanics have been known to use it for the removal of gunk and other sticky compounds from their workbenches and automobile parts. In this video, the industrial strength brake fluid did not work as well as the can of Monster Energy.
In the video, you can clearly see the mechanic trying his best to clean his workbench with the brake fluid, and while in the end, he wiped out all of the brake fluid from his desk, the results were not good - hardly any of the months (if not years) old gunk was removed from his desk. But then, he pours some of his energy drink on the workbench, and magic happened - virtually all of the gunk and nasty stuff was cleaned from his desk.
"It Has Several Times the Power of Brake Cleaner"
According to the mechanic featured in the viral video, he said that "It has several times the power [of brake cleaner], It's a little scary." While the results were a little shocking, there is no reason why a person should be scared - many other mainstream drinking products (like many soda drinks) have actually been shown to work in a seminal manner to energy drinks. The problem may lurk much more deeply than any particular brand or producer of a soft drink.
However, some Facebook and other social media users have been quick to judge the video. One poster claimed that the can of Monster Energy was already opened before the video began recording, meaning that we have no guarantee that the drink was actual Monster Energy. It is completely possible that something else was in the can, perhaps some type of substance that has been known to easily remove gunk from work surfaces.
Here is the Video:

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