Painfully Awkward Prom Photos That Are Surprisingly Real

These photos will either give you painful flashbacks, or make you happy that you're no longer in high school.
Julio Childress June 2nd 2018 Humor
Prom is supposed to be a special time that you remember for the rest of your life. Unfortunately that doesn't mean you have to remember it for being good. Awful things happen at prom, as well as beautiful things, but the awful things leave emotional scars so is it really worth the risk?
The good thing is that we have cameras to preserve these moments, especially the awful ones. They may not be funny to you when they're happening, but you better believe that you're going to want those photos later when you're looking back at the person you once were.
These photos will either give you painful flashbacks, or make you happy that you're still not in high school. Maybe you'll see a photo that makes you think, "I'm not alone. That happened to someone else too," although I really hope none of these photo moments happened to you. #48 will literally make you fall to the floor, what were they thinking?!?
1. She Devil
There's already a feeling of loss of innocence when it comes to prom. You don't need to further embellish that by wearing devil horns. Everyone already assumes you're up to no good. The irony is that most of the kids who were outwardly goth were also the most tame kids in the entire school. It was the jocks you had to worry about. They were the ones killing people in DUI accidents. That's much worse than a sacrificial kill for the devil. At least that death serves a purpose.
DUI death talk is bringing us down, but maybe it'll save a life. Some teen will read this and decide to Uber instead of get into his lifted truck after drinking six Smirnoff Ices. The youngins need to watch out for those Smirnoff Ices. They are deadly.
2. Jungle Hiding
I'm going to break the news to you on why this photo was taken. These two teens aren't just using the trees and bushes as a cute prop.They are using them for a specific purpose. Homeboy peed on himself. He's just trying to hide it until the picture is over so he can run out of there and call it a night before anything else happens to him.
You're thinking, "what about her? Is she just behind the bush so that he looks like less of a crazy person?" No. She just got on her period and needs to cover it up as well. These two are a match made in heaven. They both can't help but soil their outfits. On their wedding she's allowed to wear a dark colored dress, and he's allowed to wear pampers.
3. Such Great heights
This guy is so tall he's going to have health problems. You know how some guys get so tall that their body can't even handle it anymore. The gravity is much stronger on their head, so they get their weird curved head condition. Just look at Yao Ming. The dude is totally done for. He can barely walk just because of how he was born. If this photo was taken more than five years ago, then this guy is in a wheelchair by now. Short guys everywhere are celebrating while reading this.
This girl took her heels off for this photo, so you know one of their parents put them up to this photo. "Look how you two aren't the same height! Let's take a picture." What are they? Show monkeys? Let the kids be!
4. Neon Nightmares
This is how you know these two don't have any friends. If they had friends, then someone would have told them that they can't possibly go out in public in those outfits. Here's a quick fashion tip. If you can't even tell what kind of fabric you're looking at, then it's probably because the outfit sucks. Is that garbage bag fabric? Only Missy Elliot can pull that off. Why would you want that anyway? That fabric does NOT breathe.
The sad part is that someone had to make that dress. No store sells anything like that. You have to get all the duct tape, extra strength garbage bags, and acid that you can to make that thing. "Mom, you're sewing into your own finger! Don't you feel that?" / "No.. I'm dead inside knowing I have a child who would even want this."
5. Cocky
Who am I to judge? I've always lived in big cities. Maybe this is just a part of normal life in wherever the hell these girls are from. Chickens might be like dogs or cats where they're from. If that's the case, I don't ever need to visit. I like my animals of the regular variety. Dogs, cats, and sometimes lizards, but only if they're chill lizards. I had a friend with some lizards that acted like cats. It was a little creepy actually, but not as creepy as lizards that act like lizards.
This is the one thing that every single parent worries about when sending their daughter to prom: that her daughter will grab a cock. I of course mean that she'll grab a rooster. I can't possibly mean anything else by that.
6. Spike The Punch
Some people can pull anything off. There's really no secret to it though. It's all about choosing a bold statement, and following through with confidence. This is not a dress you can feel shy about wearing. You have spikes on your damned shoulders for Christ's sake. You better enter the building shoulder checking people just to prove that you know what you're all about.
This reminds me of something out of a Disney movie or an anime. Those are two style choices I'm all about. I'm pretty much down with wearing any anime character's costumes, even the girl characters. Maybe that says something about my inner desires, but I don't care! My dad doesn't read these articles.... I hope. Maybe that's why he doesn't call me anymore. Dad? Call me!
7. The Melanoma Twins
I never like that whole Jersey Shore look that got really popular after that show aired. It barely looked cool on the cast. Being a copycat of one of those people is even worse. The harsh reality is that there are hundreds if not thousands of people who look like that on the Jersey Shore. It's frightening. You would think I'd be worried about offending anyone from the Jersey shore, but I'm not. It's not like they read.
There's nothing about that tan that looks good. I'm pretty sure this might just be a Halloween photo that got miscategorized. These guys better be doing a joke. If not, then I feel utterly sad for their existence. I know I'm being hard on these guys... but have you seen them? I don't know if they're trying to look like they got a tan or like they got bit by a California Raisin.
8. I don't see anything
Wait. I don't see anyone in this photo. I just see a house. What's going on here? Oooh. It's the power of camouflage. OK, so no one actually believes me, but I love any joke about camouflage. I wish I had the courage to wear camouflage. I just don't think I'm manly enough to pull it off. "Do you hunt?" / "Not really, but sometimes I cry during Love It or List It on Home and Garden Network. Does that count?"
Is that even camouflage though? What are you trying to hide in? A bunch of sticks? It seems way too specific to be effective camouflage. In the city, the best camouflage is piss-stained concrete pattern. Or just dress up homeless, then you'll be practically invisible. That's a commentary on how we treat the homeless. How woke of me.
9. Players Gonna Play
I know some guys who love their gaming systems more than their girlfriends. In some ways, I get it. A gaming system can't complain and it only serves to make you feel good. The problem with girlfriends is that they are human being that deserve care and love.
The worst part about this is that he had to carry around his X-Box the entire prom. That's not exactly something you want to leave at the table. One of the drunk teenagers is going to steal it. Not to mention that it's totally rude to leave your date alone, even if she is a gaming system. Then again, it could be a he. You never know. If you're going to take a gaming system out, you better be OK with homosexuality. I mean, if your mind is going to be that open....
10. Pimp
Let's first give this set of outfits credit where credit is due. That suit would be exceptionally stupid if he was just alone. A two-toned suit is whack no matter how you cut it, but that's where the artistry comes in. This guy has one side to match the color of each girl. You have to love the creativity. This was a well thought out outfit as far as design. As far as implication, it was a horrible idea.
If I found out that my daughter was going to prom with this whole outfit, I'd know I already lost. I might as well just make a new daughter. That one is ruined. If she doesn't know how dumb she looks being a literal hoe at prom, then she's never going to learn. The boy is going to catch hands too.
11. One of Them Is Blind
I have to believe that one of these teen is blind. Let's examine why. The first sign is the glasses. Those are classic blind-person sunglasses. The only non-blind person who wears those is Stevie Wonder. I know what you're thinking, Stevie Wonder IS blind. Look up "Stevie Wonder not blind" in Google. Your whole world will crumble. Now, that's just a starter sign. It's not the main sign. The main sign is that neither of them is looking at the same spot. It's not like the photographer can say "over here." At best you might get them to turn their head in the right direction.
Both of them could easily be blind too. That's always an option. I'm happy they found each other, but let's do some inter-mixing with blind and non-blind people. Maybe it could be a new dating site.
12. Kilt It
Bro, seriously. Save some pussy for the rest of us. You can't look that dope and expect not to make some enemies. Let's break it down. The hair killing it. Long and straight like something out of a 90s movie. Plus, the dude has a bow tie and a kilt on. That's beyond peacocking. He's gone full Super Saiyan as far as peacocking goes. Some of us won't get to that level until we're 70, if at all. No one is paying attention to the girl thanks to this guy's antics.
I hope this girl said yes to him pre-Kilt style. Like he was just a normal nerd who she thought she was doing a favor for by saying yes when he asked her to prom. Then he showed up in this and suddenly she's the loser.
13. I Blame the Photographer
I don't blame these two poor teenagers for this photo. They're just young fools. You have to give young people a pass on a lot of things. They just aren't smart enough yet. Who I really blame is the photographer. He should have never let them take a picture like this. It's hit job to make his subjects look good, not crazy. He should have told them to stand up, change their clothes, and come back when they look normal. That's what a pro would have done.
These teens aren't off the hook though. Homeboy is the one who chose to wear a collar and a dress shirt buttoned only on the top. Only Latinos can rock that style, fool. Get the hell out of here with that. As for her, she hadn't made a single correct fashion choice.
14. All Men Are Dogs, Unless They Are Horses
You know what. If you really want to flex on people at prom, you show up with a statement piece. I know what you're thinking, "what's a statement piece?" Want a great example of a statement piece? A miniature horse. Every single head will turn when you show up. You have to deal with it pooping everywhere, but it's totally worth it. If it was easy, would it be worth doing?
There's always the possibility that the horse is a student at the school. Maybe it's a really progressive school where they let barn animals get their diplomas. There's also the tragic possibility that a magic spell turned their friend into a horse. Now they bring him with them everywhere while they search for a cure. I don't know if that's a likely story or just a good idea for a Disney show.
15. Dad Doesn't Approve
Someone needs to crop this photo. Listen, Dad. I get it. You don't like the guy taking your daughter to prom. He looks like your typical high school jackass with his long hair and dopey grin. It's that dopey grin that says, "I can't wait to have sex with your daughter." Still, put on appearances and smile. You can always pull him aside when there aren't any cameras around. That's when you give him the talk.
I think it would be really funny if he was the guy's father and he just hates his son that much, or maybe he's jealous of him. "Why can't your mother look like that..." / "Dad, do you mean sixteen? You weirdo." Either way, this dad needs to chill. At least they have those instagram filters that force a smile on the person. They could always try that.
16. Mild Overreacting
All these dads are trying to stunt so hard on their daughter's dates. It's all for show, especially in this case. Nothing bad is going to happen to your daughter, sir. She's going on a date with a guy who looks like he says "m'lady" and tips his hat every time a woman passes him. She'll be fine. The thing you have to worry about is that creature in the tree behind you. Shoot to kill.
I'm sure it's hard as a father not to stunt on your daughter's date. It's part of the fun of having a daughter going to prom. It's all different if you have a son. You don't get to have that kind of fun. Don't try to threaten your son's date. It won't go well. Another dad will show up on your doorstep with his own camo rifle.
17. Run, girl!
It's important that you know your limits. For example, I won't try to lift a heavy weight over my head because my body can't do that without dropping it and breaking my neck. For this girl, she needs to know that she can't handle him. Big boy will not be gentle. He's incapable. When you're that large, you end up breaking glasses just because you grip too hard when you take a sip of water.
Guy that are that big always look twenty years older than they are. That guy could tell me he's forty and I'd believe it. All his friends probably hit him up to buy beer for them. The bad thing is he'll end up drinking seven of those beers and not even get drunk. Good thing highschoolers get drunk off of half a beer.
18. Panic! At the Prom!
This is what happens when you don't beat your kids. Just kidding. Don't beat your kids. But really, artistic expression can be a detriment too. Wait until you're out of highschool to start dressing like that. In highschool you'll just always be marked as the weirdo. In college people will think you're cool. (bursts out into laughter). No they won't.
I'm pretty sure this is an album cover for the band Panic! At the Disco. Either that or these are two members of the band. They could probably walk on stage and everyone would start cheering. It's like when the guitar technician comes on stage and everyone assumes he's one of the band members so they go crazy. Calm down, everyone. That's just Jim Bob tuning the guitar. Nothing to go crazy over.
19. Han SOLO
Look at that smile. That's a smile that says, "I killed and buried her, but you're never going to find her." He definitely showed up with a girl, then the next moment she was gone. "Where's your dad, Damien?" / "I don't know. She just vanished out of thin air..." His devilish grin creeps across his face and you know that you're better off not asking anymore questions, unless you went to end up like her.
Seriously though, good on this guy for having a positive attitude despite not having any friends or a lover. He looks like he's having a better time than anyone else probably had that night. I bet he looks the best too. That's the deluxe tuxedo. Maybe he arrived alone, but he's going to leave with someone (his next murder victim).
20. Everyone has That One Friend
I guess I'll ask the question we're all thinking. Why is that guy there? Are they all carpooling together because there's a 1920s strong man competition in the same building as the prom? That's what this guy looks like. You don't see strong men looking like that anymore. I think that's a shame. It's a good look. He's putting those nice-suited boys to shame with his tight shorts and striped shirt. Though the real showstopper is the mustache. It could be real. It could be fake. I don't care. I'm down for someone to rock a fake version of that mustache. That's even cooler, in a weird way.
The reality is that this is one of their brothers or dads. That's just how he normally dresses. "Let me get a picture with the boys." / "Sure, just stand far enough away that we can crop you out."
21. The Helmet Is a Little Much
Wow, so this dad really went for it. He put on the full costume. I'll throw some respect on that, but ultimately... you're crazy, dude. We get it. There's a whole trope of the dad threatening the guy taking his daughter to prom. We've already seen it on this list a couple of times. The helmet and tactical gear is a bit much though. What is he even trying to say by wearing all of that gear? Would that even be necessary if he was trying to kill that kid? It's not like this kid is going to be hiding out in a fortified building with a bunch of goons. If anything, the helmet and tactical gear says that the dad is scared of the kid because he needs all of that.
Sorry, dad, but this one was a miss.
22. A Tall Glass of Water
The worst part about being in this relationship is not the height difference. It's the fact that everyone has to comment on the height difference every single time they see you. You know that's what happens to these two every single time. They walked into that photo knowing the photographer was going to make some kind of jackass joke. Not that I blame the photographer. If anyone is the king of jackass jokes, it's me. I'm the guy always saying the dad-joke at the worst possible time. I can't help it. It's an evolutionary flaw.
Try looking at the picture with this in mind: she's 5'6". He could be like 4'8" or something. Maybe that's already how you interpreted it. Now try this one. Imagine that he's 6'5". Now she's even more giant. That's a fun game, isn't it?
23. My Thoughts Exactly, Dude
Even the dude in the cheetah print jacket knows that something is wrong here. Even for his poor tastes, he can tell that something is wrong with this entire look. She must have texted him earlier and said "should I get bangs?" / "Yeah. That'd be cute." / "I'm nervous." / "Don't be. Get them." Only to realize that she got JUST bangs. He probably kept that look on his face for the entire prom.
We're not looking at icons of style here. They're marching to the beat of their own drum, but that's not always a compliment. Sometimes your drum is broken and the beat it makes is garbage. For example, they are both wearing gangster chains with locks on them. I'm sure this has some special meaning to them, but for us it means they have no style.
24. What Wet Wrong?
You look at the top photo and you think, "this looks like an absolutely lovely prom photo. What could be wrong here?" Then it all literally falls apart. The dock specifically. By the time you get to the last photo, this looks like a renaissance painting. Look at the struggle of those in the water, while on the far left a boy clutches his terrified girlfriend. Everyone will hate them for being the only ones left dry. What a story. Too bad it must have ruined most of their proms.
If you want a good excuse to show up to prom in comfortable shoes and clothing, fall into a dock fifteen minutes beforehand. No one will blame you for underdressing and you'll be comfortable enough to actually dance. It's so tragic when I see girls in big dresses trying to dance, but they can't really do anything other than shuffle.
25. Pooh Are You?
I know what happened. This girl really loved Winnie the Pooh and my man here just had to go with it. "Ok, babe. I'll wear the vest, but that's it." Imagine having to get a custom made vest that you knew you were going to look dumb as hell in. This might have been during the era in time when wearing Warner Brothers and Disney characters on your clothes was really in. Gangster looking dudes would be walking around in a Tasmanian Devil jacket, or a Porky Pig long tee. It was a crazy time.
If I had to pick any cartoon character to have on my suit, it would be Daffy Duck. I'd go all black everything except for a yellow tie. That would be my Daffy look. See how it's a nod to the character, yet still very stylish? I should be a designer.
26. Where's the Rest of the Dress?
Where is the rest of the dress? That can't be all of it. Some wolves must have attacked her, leaving her dress in tatters. This is what happens when you don't parent your child. They think they can get away with this. By that point you just have to accept that there's no going back and your daughter is lost forever. Of course her date loves it though. This is every teenage boy's dream.
She looks like she got toilet papered, doesn't she? Like she was a house on Halloween that got pranked. It's not a good sign when your outfit looks like a prank. Then again, I can pretty much make fun of anything, so it wouldn't really matter what she wore. I'd find a way to destroy her (and everyone else for that matter).
27. Bruno Venus
I'm just going to go out and say it. That is very obviously Bruno Mars. It's hard to tell when though. Bruno Mars could be sixteen of seventy five. I'm really not sure. All I do know is that there's no way that's not him. I bet he even performed at his prom. That's a very Bruno Mars thing to do. "Why hire a band or a DJ when we have Bruno here." / "Oh, please. You know I don't like being the center of attention- *immediately starts singing*"
Imagine looking back and being able to say that you were Bruno Mars prom date. You'd be able to ride off that for a long time. I'd even suggest putting it on the resume under special skill. It's a conversation starter at the very least.
28. Ben Franklin?
Wow. Here we have another celebrity sighting. That's Benjamin Franklin on the right. He came to the future just to wish a distant relative a happy prom. All jokes aside about this woman who chose the wrong style of glasses, who exactly are the people in this picture? I know that the two people in the middle are the prom goers, but who are the people to the left and right? I can guess that they're family, but the thing throwing me off is the pose. That pose is only cute when everyone is the same age. That should be a rule that gets printed out somewhere, or put on a poster.
And while those two teens went off and enjoyed their special night, Benjamin Franklin flew his kite and discovered electricity. What a wonderful story.
29. Someone Give that Hairstylist an Award
Let's just make it clear that her hair is hideous. That is one hundred percent a bad call. I only say that because I mostly have to give her and her hairstylist credit, despite it looking so bad. End result aside, they went for something and pulled it off. It doesn't matter that they never should have done it in the first place. The sheer craftsmanship and willingness to forge ahead with a tough idea is what makes this so special.
That's pretty much a one and done hair style. Once the night is over you have to go full bald, because it'd take hours to undo all of that. I don't even begin to fathom what it took to get all that hair up like that. There's probably a larger hole in the ozone layer.
30. Twilight
I don't know if you heard about this Twilight craze, but it turns out that women love it. They love it so much that they'll wear a dress that looks like this. If that's not love, I don't know what is (no, really. I don't know what love is. Please teach me. *cries robot tears*). This girl couldn't choose which team she was on, team werewolf-guy or team vampire-guy, so she went with both. The idea is great, like many of these, but the execution leaves you wondering why. Now your prom memory will forever be tarnished by a franchise that you got bored of a few years after the picture was taken.
As much as I talk crap, I have seen all the Twilight movies... on opening night. I get it, but you also won't see me wearing a Twilight dress. Or a dress at all.
31. Terrible Knight
I can't tell if they are going to the prom or to go LARPing. That's LIVE ACTION ROLE PLAYING. People get together and dress up as warriors, mages, or whatever other things there are in the fantasy world, and then they beat each other with foam swords. It sounds completely awesome, but I'm also terrified to get into it. I might never emerge back into the real world. I'd be all about that LARP life.
These two are certainly a match made in heaven. They are both smiling, so that's a good sign. You would be able to tell if this was just one of their ideas. The other person would be glaring at the camera. I mean, those look like duct tape outfits, and I don't know if you've ever gotten some duct tape stuck to your hair, but... it sucks.
32. Skunky
Laugh all you want at these two now, but back in the day, these two were probably the coolest people in the whole school. There aren't many people who would be bold enough to pull off those haircuts, despite them being the cool haircuts of the time. Look at your haircut. Do you have the haircut that is in style right now? No? Why not? Don't you realize that you could be as cool as these two people were? They look like replicants from Blade Runner or something.
The guy definitely has a Pepe Le Pew vibe going on. Let's just hope he doesn't stink like a skunk too. You can't look like that AND smell. You're asking to be roasted. People in high school are mean enough. Don't give them added fuel.
33. Taylor Slow
Can we all just admit that as great as Taylor Swift is, she's basically Template 011 of white girls? Case and point, this picture. If you go to the midwest, you'll find entire malls full of Taylor Swift look alikes. They all can play four-chord love songs too. I know that I'm asking for it by coming for Taylor Swift. Her fans are rabbid. Fiercely loyal, and incredibly mean when they need to be.
Saying that she looks like Taylor Slow is probably one of the best Taylor Swift lookalike burns that I've ever heard, and I'm not just saying that because I'm the one who said it. I once heard a burn about this guy who kind of looked like Kanye West. The guy said "you look like Kanye East." That just about killed me.
34. Never Make a Lady Stand
Didn't anyone ever teach this man some manners? The only reason a woman should stand in the picture is if you're in a wheelchair. Even then, TRY. Really though, why is she standing? I'd give this kid a talking to if I got my daughter's prom pictures back and they showed this nonsense. I understand that this dude looks like he's 7'11", but still, share the seat with the lady, ya dope.
Are we sure this guy is even a student and not some kind of undercover mafioso? He looks like he kills people for money for the Italian mob. Can someone please check his ID? Then make sure to check all the toilets to make sure no one has taped a gun inside of them. This guy is up to no good, I tell ya.
35. Lucky Guy
Stare at this picture for more than fifteen seconds and you'll know what it feels like to be murdered. I feel like these two are trapped in the photo and they're trapping my soul in the picture with them whenever I look at it. Something about their piercing stares is incredibly freaky. You wouldn't even need the cat or the tiger skin rug in the picture to make it weird. Those eyes alone are freaking me the EF out.
I've read somewhere that cat litter can release some sort of parasite that alters your personality. I think that's what happened to these people. That cat is in control now. They're brains are just mush meant for mind control. The next step? Take over the entire world. I love cats more than anyone, but I'm also very sure that they are evil overlords waiting to strike.
36. They Have a Bond
It appears as though their two outfits are connected. As a metaphor, that's so beautiful. As an actual thing that exists in the world, I hate it. As someone who pees frequently, and poos even more frequently, my date wouldn't want to have to deal with me and this outfit. I'd be dragging her off and either a) getting completely undressed, or b) making her go into the restroom with me.
Highschool couples love to be around each other 24/7. It's insane how needy they are. I remember being that way too, so it's not like I'm saying I'm exempt from it, but it does mean that I'm far removed from it so I can talk shit about it now. I'd spend every waking moment with or talking to my highschool girlfriends. Then I'd dump them and never talk to them again. It's weird how quickly things change.
37. "We Should Have Given Them Air Holes"
When I say "we should have given them air holes" i'm alluding to the idea that these two girls suffocated inside of those boxes while their friends and family had no choice but to watch, unable to break through the packaging. I'm sure you understood that, but I really wanted to excuse to talk about it more because it's haunting my mind.
These are the kind of people who really over do everything. Most girls are cool with just wearing a nice dress and having a fun evening. These girls have to show up on a big float. The problem is that these girls can't possibly have dates because no man can live up to their standards. If you're taking this girl out to prom, you can't show up in a suit. You need to show up in a suit of armor.
38. I'm Uncomfortable
First I just want to say that I'm upset because every single one of those teenage boys is more ripped than me. Let's just get that out of the way so I can hopefully move on. I blame it on the fact that these guys don't have anything else to do than work out and go to school. They don't have the enormous pressure of writing articles like this all day. If I were them, I'd be ripped too!
All muscles aside, this is trashy and it makes me uncomfortable. Ladies, have some respect for yourselves and stand up, please. We don't need you laying on the floor while these goons flex behind you. Just do the conga line pose like normal people. That's the pose that Ben Franklin was doing earlier from number twenty eight. Can't go wrong with that pose.
39. They'll Be Back
These two might be saving themselves a morning trip by picking up the Plan B before the prom instead of the morning after. That's some smart thinking. Every time someone has to buy Plan B, there's a fear that all the stores in the area will be out of it, or that they will have just disappeared. All of a sudden things get very real. Better just to buy a twelve pack of them and stay prepared.
Either these people were making a fun joke with this photo, or everyone involved is very oblivious. At least they can crop the picture, but then you still run the risk of someone seeing the picture and saying, "I recognize that building! That's Planned Parenthood! Did you pick up some Plan B!?" For real though, never be embarrassed about exploring sexual health.
40. Photobomb-Level: Intense
Some people just can't help themselves when it comes to photobombing. If the opportunity is there, they'll take it. They'll take that opportunity even if their loved one is taking a very important picture and would be horrified to later find your naked body in the photo. Let's name this guy Chuck. His name is Chuck, and he likes to- I'll let your mind fill in the rest of that. I only want this article to get a PG-13 rating, if I can help it.
This could be like the beginning of a horror movie. The person taking the picture says, "your dad is photobombing in the house." The girl would look confused and say, "there shouldn't be anyone in my house other than my mom." I can see it now. It would have a really clever title like... Photobomb.
41. Toilet Paper
How did we somehow find another dress that looks like the girl got toilet papered? It must be some kind of trend that I missed. It definitely wasn't going on when I was in highschool. I mean, yeah, we toilet papered girls, but they didn't wear dresses that intentionally looked like that. I actually get a little nervous looking at this picture. I'm going to have to open this in MS Paint and start covering her up. I'll use the paint bucket tool just to cover more ground.
You don't even see dresses this revealing at the MTV Video Music Awards, so what makes this appropriate for a highschool dance? Did I really just reference the MTV Video Music Awards? This is how out of touch I am. I don't even know if that awards show still exists.
42. Take What You Can Get
This is a man who had a problem, so he dealt with it. His problem was that he didn't have a date. The way that he dealt with it: he took a large fish. Were there other possible solutions? Maybe, but that doesn't matter. What matters is that this young man chose to do something and followed through. Put a little bit of respect on this man. You know what they say about fish, right? They put out.
We should try out some fish puns while we're here. Just for the halibut. I think it's bass we leave it to the professionals though. I don't give a carp if you want me to do them or not. I'm not fishing for praise. If you think I'm mad, don't worry. You're off the hook. I wish you whale.
43. Solid Crew
I'm really loving the aesthetic of this picture. It's like Napoleon Dynamite meets Twilight. Now that's a movie I would go and see. All the style of Napoleon Dynamite but with some of the sex appeal of Twilight, yet not enough of it to break out of feeling extremely awkward. I'm glad they all match the same style. It makes this a great image. I would want to put this on a shirt.
The guy on the left's outfit is so dark that he looks like he could be the other guy's shadow. That look of intensity is startling. He looks like he should be a villain in one of the Driver movies. The other two look like they grew up to be every one of my friend's parents when I was in middle school.
44. Goth
Are we sure this is a prom photo and not a Tim Burton movie poster? There is some extreme emo vibes coming from this photo. I don't think these two could be happy if they won the lottery. They'd find a way to be sad about it. "More money means we're going to contribute more to wealth inequality, ugh." That's how I imagine people who look like this sound like.
I'm just surprised they even went to prom. It always felt like there were those kids in high school who were so anti-establishment yet they'd still attend every single school function. I'm not saying they shouldn't go, but let's get rid of the charade. Just go and enjoy yourselves. You can look goth and not have to act the part too. That would be really cool, actually.
45. They Were Never Heard From Again
Is anyone else immediately feeling their skin crawl when they look at this picture? Crop out the right side and this is probably one of the best prom pictures we've seen on this whole list. Too bad Creepy McCreeperson is in the cut holding those flowers like he's the Penguin holding his umbrella. It's like he can't help but be a supervillain. It's his destiny. The only person who was ever born with an eyebrow like that who wasn't evil is Dwayne The Rock Johnson.
In ten years that kid might look like Benedict Cumberbatch, but until he grows into himself, he's going to be the local creep no matter what. You have to hope that he doesn't go full evil before he grows out of this creepy ugly duckling phase. I hope for those girl's sake.
46. Never
Someone needs to beat this guy up for this. Did he really get on the back of his girlfriend and grab her hair like he was riding a horse? For a photo? This is the type of thing that gets a father in jail, because you can't just let a young man think that's OK to do to your daughter. Maybe I'm just being a prude, but it's a fair warning to any future dude who tries this with my future daughter.
All that being said, this is the exact type of thing that I'd try to talk my girlfriend into doing in high school. I deserved to get my ass kicked. In fact, I'd argue that I really needed it, and the fact that it never happened is why I have no many problems in my adult life now. Oh well.
47. The Crouching Pose
Here's a nice picture. You have a beautiful young woman laying back like a pin up girl while her date hovers over her in a crouched position. Oh, yeah, and there's also shattered glass all over the ground around them. I'm being hella extra. Those are obviously fake diamonds or something like that, but still, it looks more uncomfortable than anything. She could be sitting on a piece and no one would know. She's just trying to hold it together because her date has to use her to steady himself in his crouched position.
This guy needed to make a choice and either sit down or stand up completely. I'd like it more if he were standing. This half-crouch thing is just bizarre. We can all tell he's uncomfortable. "Just take the damn picture. My quads are burning!"
48. Barney and Friends Go to Prom
Many people have fond memories of their time with Barney, especially millennials. Barney was peak children's entertainment for young millenials. "I love you. You love me. We're a happy family." With lyrics like that, how could you not love him? I have an answer for that. The answer is, "if you're an adult." Generally we grow out of our Barney phase by the time we're adults. That doesn't seem to be the case with this group of people.
These teens got their childhood dream when their friend dressed up as Barney for prom. The dark side of this picture is that there might be a good reason that this guy dressed up in head to toe costume. He might have had a horrible breakout of acne and this was his way of concealing all of the zits without embarrassing himself.
49. Is that Beast?
When you look back at old hairstyles it is nothing short of embarrassing. Especially all of the hairstyles from the 80s. 80s hairstyles were incredibly intense. I think ninety percent of global warming is due to hairspray used in the 80s. It makes you wonder if the hairstyle that you think is cool now will turn out to be lame in ten years. For these two teens, the answer was definitely yes.
This dude's hair is so intense that he looks like he's Beast from Beauty and the Beast. All you'd have to do is put a little spot on his nose so it looked like a dog's nose and he'd be all set. I like to think that he just ended a school theater run playing Beast, and now he's the coolest kid in school.
50. You Can't Stop his Shine
The one thing you want to do during prom is to stand out with your outfit. If you're wearing a ratty, old suit, then it's sure to look bad. That's not too fair for poor kids, but what can you do? Life isn't fair. In this case, this teen must have been flushed with money because his suit is shining for sure. It may not be too pretty, but you can't deny that that's an expensive custom suit. They don't make suits out of tinsel for free. That's for sure.
The only reason that girl is smiling is because his tinsel jacket is tickling her. Other than that, I doubt she's comfortable being around a guy who looks like he belongs on a Christmas tree. Obviously this girl's father does not own a gun, or else this dude would have never dressed this way.


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