The 3 Coolest Places For A European Holiday In 2018

Ian Anglin June 11th 2018 Lifestyle
There are many people that enjoy traveling (including solo and group travels), which is why travel recommendations from those in the know are so highly valued. Everyone knows that advice that has been passed by word-of-mouth is the best type of advice possible, which is why this article has been written based on what people have recommended to each other when it comes to the most in-demand areas of Europe that are worth exploring in 2018.
Start with the Bay of Kotor, Montenegro
Montenegro is one of the "newest" countries in Europe - it was formed only once the final remnants of the old Yugoslav Republic was dissolved several years ago. Today, Montenegro is a fast growing, stable and beautiful sea paradise, that is worth exploring, especially given how picturesque to the whole palace is, yet the prices are still highly affordable to most Western tourists.
While most people are currently talking about Croatia (which is a far more in-demand location), Montenegro serves as a great alternative for those that wish to travel off the beaten track. The Bay of Kotor has been called by many as one of the best placed in the small country, so if you are in the area, make sure to check it out. The old city of Kotor is even a UNESCO-registered World Heritage site.
Admire the Charm of Porto, Portugal
Porto is a city famous for many things, chief of which is that it is also one of the largest city in the country, despite not being the capital city (which is Lisbon - another place that is certainly worthy to check out). According to Emma McWhinney (who works as the UK head of the editorial at Secret Escapes), she recommends that everyone should spend a long weekend in the city of Porto, given how many attractions are available in the old town.
"Often overshadowed by bustling Lisbon, Porto, with its coastal thrills, postcard-perfect architecture, and eclectic culinary scene, is a must-visit cluster of colour and charm," she said. The recommendation is kind of similar to the previously mentioned one of Montenegro - while most people go to Lisbon, the true adventure spirits should definitely make an additional stop and check Porto. You will be happy you made this decision.
Don't Forget to Check Out Granada, Spain
Granada is another famous destination in the Iberian peninsula, which is also off the beaten track for most mainstream tourists. Granada may be familiar to some history buffs, given that it was the destination for one of the greatest battles in history, as well as a few famous paintings of the said battle. The conquest of Granada happened back in the distant 15th century, between the years of 1482 and 1492.
Sakshi, who is a New York-based editor told an online publication: "We enjoyed one free tapa with each drink. So we bar hopped as is recommended, we didn't ever get a second round at the same place. A tip for tourists is saying 'que tapa' after letting the bartender know the intention is a drink - either a cana (a small beer) or copa (little glass of wine). Bar Bodegas CastaƱeda came highly recommended and is somewhat of an institution. We started our bar hop there," she added.

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