Johnny Depp's Spending Habits Are Even Worse Than You Think

Ian Anglin June 25th 2018 Entertainment
According to an article in the Rolling Stone magazine, Johnny Depp might be having financial problems, but it is not yet known whether the actor himself is to blame, or his past manager from the Management Group (TMG). According to the actor, the group has mismanaged his finances, which is what caused his monetary problems. On the other hand, TMG is claiming that Depp's excessive excess is to blame - since the actor is the alleged owner of 14 different residences, including a chain of islands in the Bahamas. Time will tell which side is right, and which is to blame.
Johnny Depp Might Be in Financial Turmoil
You might have noticed that Johnny Depp has been oddly missing out in the past several movie cycles. Many people have wondered what is happening with their favorite Hollywood actor, and some of the news that has been coming out are not very positive. According to some sources, it turns out that the once Forbes-nominated highest paid actor is now in financial trouble after spending $880 million - a sum that many people can't even fathom.
Depp, who is also known for his starring role in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise, has had a huge fall from grace after receiving some bad press, which has resulted in him not being able to pull the same amount of money as he used to. The actor is currently 55-years old and is locked in a legal battle with his former manager Joel Mandel.
He Is Suing His Former Manager
According to the lawsuit details, Johnny is locked in a legal battle because he is claiming his manager had mismanaged his finances, which is what has caused the financial problems he is currently facing. On the other hand, the party has launched a counterclaim, claiming that the actor's massive spending habits are to blame for the problems he is currently facing.
The counterclaim by TMG says that the actor has spent money on private islands, a French chateau, a 156-foot yacht and many more luxury items. The suite claims that the actor's lifestyle cost a whopping $2 million a month in maintenance alone. In the lawsuit filed last year, Joel Mandel, his former manager, claims "Depp, and Depp alone is fully responsible for any financial turmoil he finds himself in today. He has refused to live within his means."
Depp Has Always Lived Life to the Fullest
According to an article that has appeared in the Rolling Stone magazine, Depp has spent a lot of years living in extreme excess. This claim excess might have included buying a sofa from one of the Kardashian's home, and racked up a monthly bill for wine alone in excess of $40,000. One of the top items in the alleged Depp list of expenses is his homes, which include a total of 14 residents, for which he has allegedly spent over $70 million.
It also claimed that the famous Hollywood actor is the proud owner of a chateau in the South of France, a chain of small islands in the Bahamas, as well as multiple houses in the Hollywood and LA area. It is also rumored that he owns a horse farm in Kentucky, for some reason. Apart from real estate, it appears that the actor also loved to spend money on expensive guitars - which is understandable given his love for music. It is not known how the actor is going to settle his current financial problems, but time will tell.

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